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Ishnu Por Ah - Guild Charter

Pertaining to, and consisting of the policies, credos, traditions and laws that govern Ishnu Por Ah, and all its members

Our Purpose

Even for those who prefer to travel alone and at great distance. It is always good to know there is a home to come back to once in awhile. Where familiar faces and voices are there to welcome you and hear your tales. Everyone needs a tribe, a family. Those who share a common bond and understanding. People who you know will be there to help you through times both good and bad.

Ishnu Por Ah is a family. A small group bonded by their will to understand and protect the Earthmother, the Balance and the ways of her people. We strive for peace among all, but are not afraid to use force to protect the People and our beliefs. Though the Earthmother turned her eyes away in sorrow when some turned to the whispers of the Dark, she never stopped listening and gave those true to her the gifts of the Hunt to beat back the creatures in the shadow.

Like the moon, a family waxes and wanes with time as members come and go. But the moon is always there even when it cannot be seen. Ishnu Por Ah has always been there, despite its small size. But it has been a little too small for a long time. It is time to grow just a little, so we may flourish and shine a little more brightly. So that we can insure that there are those who are willing to preserve her understandings and fight for the Earthmother.

May She guide you all

Red Earth of the Blackhide

Ishnu por Ah is a fairly close-knit group of like-minded people dedicated to improving the quality of time spent on Azeroth through the company of good allies. We are a roleplay guild that strives to keep Guild Chat IC and literate, and we strongly encourage active RP in group events as appropriate, but understand the strain that can put on an active raid and are willing to be flexible. We do not have a stringent activity policy, as we prefer quality of time to quantity of time.

Though primarily Tauren at this time, we accept all of Azeroth's races among us. All classes are accepted as well, however Warlocks are liable to be put under heavy scrutiny for their involvement and trafficking with demons. Our characters could all be loosely described as "good guys" seeking to spread the peaceful ways of the Earthmother and her Tauren and otherwise adopted children, though we all have various interpretations of those goals. We range from quietly introspective, to downright Zealous in our pursuit of these goals.

As this document is a living one, changes can and will happen. The date at the top of the document will reflect the date and time of the most recent change, and an announcement will be made within the private guild forums regarding the changes.


Joining Ishnu Por Ah

While the quick and easy additions are, well, quick and easy, they often lack what is needed to form a proper bond with the family. The flip side of this coin is that we do not wish to drive away those who show an interest in the family with a long, drawn out process.

We will be making a return to the more organic process we once followed in admitting and accepting people to the guild. If people wish to drop a note on the "Interested in Joining the Guild" thread, to let us know they are around, that is okay, but it is only through in character interaction with multiple members of Ishnu Por Ah that they will be admitted to the guild. We don't all need to know them (though it'd be nice), but they should at least have a cluster of IC friends before they are asked to join the family.

Note also, that at this time there is a level requirement of 25 or greater. The reasoning behind this decision is this: If you've already invested the time to reach level 25 (or greater), then the hope is that you are far less likely to just drop said character on a whim. Secondly, by being at least level 25, it cuts the possible level gap between guild members from 60 levels, to only 35. While still significant, it should be enough to not leave people feeling almost painfully isolated from each other at times. Bear in mind, though, that this is not a hard and fast rule, more of a preference. If we are approached by someone below that level, we will not automatically turn them away (no sense in turning away good folks, after all), but we may stretch their "getting to know us" period to make sure there is a definite investment in the character in question.

Preferably, the actual admittance of new members will take place at a guild meeting, however, provided multiple members of Ishnu Por Ah are available, this can take place outside of guild meetings proper. One or more members of Ishnu will bring the potential new member forward at the meeting, introducing them to the rest of the guild present, vouching for the person in question. One guild member, of Brethren or greater rank must vouch for each potential new member, backing the admittance of this person with their established credibility. This means that if there are three new potential members, then three different Brethren (or higher) ranked members must vouch for them, one each. Provided there is no outright opposition to the person being brought into the fold, an officer of the guild will ask the potential member a series of questions, after which they will be admitted to the guild and granted the rank of Traveler.It should be noted, however, that while a member of either the Fellow or Traveler rank cannot vouch for a new member, they are more than welcome to bring an individual to the attention of a higher ranking guildmate.

After a month's time has passed since the new member's admittance, provided that no conflicts have arisen with them, and they are still active, an evening will be setup to perform a Rite of Binding with them. This Rite will serve to elevate their status within the guild, to bind them more fully to the family, and will be the ceremony during which they will be awarded their Tabard.


General Policy

It is expected that all members of Ishnu Por Ah remain moderately active, maintaining open lines of communication with some, if not all members of the guild. In an effort to aid this, the guild has a website at which has both in and out of character communication means. The latest news, scheduling of events, raids, instance runs and so forth will be handled there. The forum on the site is a great out of game resource to keep up to date with what is going on with your fellow guild members, and it is expected that all members at least register on the forum and check back periodically. While you do not HAVE to register, not doing so will prevent you from being able to view any of the private, guild only information on the forum.

Role-playing Policy

Ishnu Por Ah is, first and foremost, a role-playing guild. Guild chat is to remain in character. While folks traipse about the world of Azeroth, they are also expected to remain in character. Involvement in any wide reaching story lines, especially those started by other guild members, while preferred, is not mandatory.

In spite of being an RP guild, absolute, 100% adherence to IC interaction is not required. We understand that sometimes you just need a break, or it may not be completely appropriate to be IC (40 man Raid with a bunch of other folks who certainly aren't IC, for example). If you find yourself in this sort of situation, and happen to have the FlagRSP addon installed, it is recommended that you set your In / Out of character status appropriately.

Speaking of FlagRSP... While the addon is not required, we do, very strongly recommend it. It allows you to set a surname for your character, to set a title for others to see, and more importantly to set a custom description so that others know what is particularly unique to you. Several of the Ranks and positions within Ishnu Por Ah also have items of note that are not necessarily actual in game items, and being able to add them to your character description in RSP adds that extra something to the game experience, both for yourself, and your fellow players.

RP is also not meant to be shoved down other players' throats. If someone does not wish to be involved in a story line you are involved with, getting started, or running, do not be offended. The flip side of this coin is that if another players' RP or story line is not your cup of tea, don't go about flaming that person. If you feel outright offended by it, contact them privately (and most importantly, politely), or have a chat with an officer about it.


Raiding / Instancing Policy

"The Shu’halo are for the most part a reserved and peaceful people. Peaceful in that we live within the Balance. With an understanding that we give and take of the Earthmother and her creations. But being a peaceful people does not mean we do not have the mind and will to fight. Earthmother gave us the gift of the Hunt to sustain our lives and preserve that Balance. To be able to turn to arms if need be when the Dark showed itself upon Her world and within her people. And so we are ready to battle whether it be beast or demon or one of her many people that walk upon this world.

When members of Ishnu Por Ah party with others for war or for hunt, we will be respectful to those we are with. We understand our skills, our voice, and our actions represent our family and the Earthmother. We will respect the commands of the leaders of said party. We will discuss any contentions with said leaders or other members of the group in a civil and mature manner. If we cannot we will respectfully bow out. If we are leading said parties, we will show the proper respect to those which follow us, for they are the ones which hold us aloft as leaders. If there is someone under our command that lacks in respect and honor, they will be given notice before being summarily removed." Red Earth of the Blackhide

While we are primarily a Role-playing guild, we understand the need and desire of folks to enter into and participate in the end-game content. It is expected that as members of Ishnu Por Ah, your involvement in these events, whether they are in or out of character, will not bring shame back upon the guild. Whoever is appointed as leader of the particular Raid or Instance run is to be respected as such, and any problems with them, or other members of the raid are to be discussed maturely and civilly. If you feel you cannot do so, then it is advised that you respectfully bow out of the event. If a member of Ishnu Por Ah happens to be leading such a party, we will give the respect due to those who follow us. If there is someone in the group who is being disruptive, or disrespectful, they will be given notice before they are summarily removed from the Raid / Party / Group etc.


PVP Policy

"There are lands and posts that are deemed home to the Shu’halo. But they are the Earthmother’s first, and therefore open to all her people to enter and walk upon. Come to our lands and show us respect, and Ishnu Por Ah will be honored with your presence. But if you come to these lands with intention to cause harm to those who reside there, if you strike, we will strike back. And you will find any Ishnu Por Ah present ready to defend and set retribution upon you swiftly and consistently until the Ancestors decide to keep you or your party leaves our lands and homes. If you are within our lands and lay down arms and capitulate, you will be escorted silently past our borders. Do not expect grand acknowledgement. You came to our lands to cause harm.

If Ishnu Por Ah brings war upon your lands, it will be with good reason. It will be because you struck us or our allies first. It will be because we must do so to preserve our honor and defend her Ways. It will be because the Earthmother has called upon us to do so.

Battles against our enemies will be honorable combat. You will know our intention. We will come wearing our paint of war or our banners held high. We will not linger. We will go with a noble purpose, and when that purpose has been fulfilled we will leave quickly. We will not taunt or treat you with disdain. We are proud warriors in battle.

If for any reason, it comes to the attention to the leaders or officers of Ishnu Por Ah, that any member of the Family has brought unwarranted or dishonorable war upon another, it will immediately be looked into and the member must be prepared to defend their actions in Her eyes." Red Earth of the Blackhide

Ishnu Por Ah is a defensively based guild for matters of world PVP. Alliance members found in Horde lands who are there peacably shall be left in peace, though we may well watch over them during their stay. Should they raise their weapons first, whether it be against a PC or NPC, then we will retaliate in kind. Should the offending parties relent, laying down arms, or move to leave, they will be allowed to do so in peace with an escort.

It is expected that should the an attack on Horde lands take place, especially within Tauren lands that any and all members of Ishnu Por Ah who are available should respond to the call to defend those lands. Ishnu Por Ah will only take the fight to Alliance lands if provoked, never initiating conflict, only responding to it. We are defenders, not war mongers, and our actions will reflect this.

In PVP combat, we will fight honorably. It is expected that people will not attack from an unflagged state. Corpse camping and other forms of harrassment are strongly frowned upon, as is uncharacteristic taunting and goading of others. While it is perfectly within reason for a Tauren to call a Human attacker a "Cowardly pink-skin!", spitting and excessive tauting will not be tolerated. We are a proud family, and our actions in the field should respesent then, whether we are in or out of character at the time.

If, for any reason, it comes to the attention of the Officers and/or Leaders of Ishnu Por Ah, that any member of the guild has acted dishonorably or attacked Alliance lands without provocation, it will be looked into immediately. The offending party should be prepared to fully defend their actions.

A special note should, however, be said regarding attacks that follow running in character storylines. If you have plans to attack Alliance lands as a part of an ongoing story (madness, posession, personal vendetta, etc), it is strongly advised that you inform the Officers and Leaders of the guild before the fact, to prevent reprimand for your actions. Be aware, also, that just because it is part of a storyline, your character may suffer in character reprimand for their actions.


OOC Policy

As we are a role playing guild, guild chat is to remain almost entirely in character. IPAOOC is our official OOC chat channel, and OOC discussions, chatter, etc, should be kept there. Be aware, however, that there MAY be non guild members present. As such, there may be times when officers will have OOC discussions in guild chat, as a matter of privacy.

When running about the world of Azeroth, it is preferable that folks remain IC. We understand there may be times when this can be daunting (raids, instances, etc). In cases such as these it would be advisable to have the FlagRSP addon/mod and have it set to reflect your OOC status.


Guild Ranks and Privileges

New members to the guild start as Travelers, and have the opportunity to rise in rank from there. Some promotions are mostly a matter of time passing, others have stringent specific requirements. The time guidelines listed with the ranks in the 'Rites and Rituals' section are merely guidelines for the Officers and Guild Leaders to follow. It is quite possible that someone may remain a Traveler for far longer than a month depending on the circumstances surrounding that person (not around much, attitude and demeanor that do not mesh with with Ishnu Por Ah's ideals, etc). While it is ultimately up to the Officers and the Guild Leaders to decide whether someone is ready to be promoted, a guild member of at least one rank greater than the individual must vouch for them before they will be considered. Often times, it will be the promoting Officer, but should another, non-Officer feel a lower ranked member is due for promotion, they may vouch for that member. Also, should an overwhelming number of guild members feel someone is worthy of an Officer position (for example, an avid IC storyteller being up for Lore Keeper), and it has somehow managed to escape the attention of the Officers and Guild Leaders, they should speak up, and nominate their peer for the position of honor.

Patriarch & Matriarch
- Guild Leaders, they hold all abilities and privileges.

Honored, Lore Keepers, Mentors, Champions, and Sentinels
- Guild Officers. Officers are responsible for maintaining the guild in the absence of the Patriarch and Matriarch. They will vote on the admission of new officers, as well as on major changes to guild policies and practices. Duties specific to each rank will follow.
- They hold all privileges save 8.
- Honored - Guild officers with no specific duties outside of voting on policy changes, and the admission of members to specific officer roles.
- Lore Keeper - Guild RP officers and storytellers. Responsible for the planning and organization of guild RP events, as well as keeping the guild abreast of server-wide RP events.
- Mentor - Guild officers who's specific role is in that of guide and mentor to new (and potential) recruits. They are responsible for getting new members to report to the site, as well as acting as 'wisened elders' for younger guildmates.
- Champion - Guild Instance / Raid officers. It is their duty to schedule and organize predominantly guild based raid / end level (MC, Onyxia, AQ, etc) events, as well as keeping the rest of the guild abreast of new developments, other open, non-guild groups, and so forth.
- Sentinel - Guild PVP officers. They are responsible both for the organization of guild heavy Battleground events, as well as any other PVP related guild activities. In the event of coordinated server-wide PVP events, these folks will act as liasons for Ishnu to the rest of the server. It is also expected that these folks will herald the call for defensive action when such is needed.

- Long standing members of Ishnu Por Ah.
- They hold privileges 1, 2, and 10.
- Brethren are full fledged members of Ishnu Por Ah who have now undergone the Rite of Brotherhood. They have been among us for some time; this promotion is in recognition of that fact. They have no specific duties at this point, but with this rank they are now able to vouch for potential new members. Also, it is at this time that a member can truly begin working toward a position as one of our officers, whether that goal is simply to become one of the Honored, or to work toward a specific role, such as Lore Keeper.

- Full fledged members of Ishnu Por Ah.
- They hold privileges 1, 2 and 10.
- Full fledged members of Ishnu Por Ah, Travelers who have now undergone the Rite of Binding and have been awarded their Tabards. They hold no specific responsibilities within the guild, but have certainly earned their place.

- New members of Ishnu Por Ah.
- They hold privileges 1 and 2.
- Fledgeling members of Ishnu Por Ah, they hold no specific responsibilities within the guild. This is a (relatively) brief trial period, of sorts, before becoming full fledged members of the guild. While they are members of the guild, Travelers have not yet been awarded their Tabards. (If you have a Tabard at the time of admission, please do not wear it until after you have undergone the Rite of Binding).
- As of this rank, members will be allowed to also join the channel IPAOOC, our official OOC channel.


1. Guildchat Listen
2. Guildchat Speak
3. Officerchat Listen
4. Officerchat Speak
5. Promote
6. Demote
7. Invite Member
8. Remove Member
9. Set Motd
10. Edit Public Note
11. View Officer Note
12. Edit Officer Note


Rites and Rituals

A brief description of what Ishnu Por Ah's Rites and Rituals are. At this time, it is primarily concerned with the timing and nature of the assorted Rites of Promotion that members will undergo when being initiated into the guild, or promoted to another rank, as well as the pre-requesites for any particular Rite. Specific information regarding any Rite is restricted to members of Officer rank, however members will become familiar with the Rites as they themselves are promoted through the Ranks.

- Rite of Initiation (Invitation to the Guild, granting of the rank of Traveler).
To take place, preferably, at a guild meeting, but any gathering of several guild members with at least one officer present, after a period of time has been spent on the part of the initiate in getting to know the guild and its members.

- Rite of Binding (Promotion from Traveler to Fellow, and the awarding of a Tabard)
To take place one month (or more) without conflicts after someone has been admitted to the guild.

- Rite of Brotherhood (Promotion from Fellow to Brethren)
To take place two months (or more) without conflicts after someone has been promoted to the rank of Fellow.

- Rite of Honor (Promotion from Brethren to Honored (Guild Officer))
To take place six months (or more) without conflicts after someone has been promoted to the rank of Brethren.

- Rite of the Lore Keeper (Promotion to Lore Keeper (RP Officer / Storyteller))
To take place no less than three months after being promoted to the rank of Brethren, they are well experienced with their class (level 35), they have successfully run no less than three guild RP events and they have been elected as such by the officers of the guild.

- Rite of the Mentor (Promotion to Mentor)
To take place no less than three months after being promoted to the rank of Brethren, they have nearly mastered their class (level 45), they have initiated at least one new member, and they have been elected such by the officers of the guild.

- Rite of the Champion (Promotion to Champion (Raid/Instance Officer))
To take place no less than three months after someone has been promoted to the rank of Brethren, they have successfully mastered their class (hit level cap), they have completed no less than three successful 'end level' raids/instances, and they have been elected as such by the officers of the guild. It is preferable that they have organized and/or been in charge of at least one successful raid/instance run.

- Rite of the Sentinel (Promotion to Sentinel (PVP Officer))
To take place no less than three months after being promoted to the rank of Brethren, they have successfully mastered their class (hit level cap), have run at least one guild PVP event (preferably a defense action), they have at one time held the rank of Stone Guard (or greater) with few dishonorable kills, and they have been elected such by the officers of the guild. As proof of rank, they must posess an Officer's Tabard.


Addon / Mod Policy

At this time, there are no required mods, however we do strongly encourage the use of the FlagRSP mod, as it is an invaluable resource for role players. The only mods that will be explicitly disallowed are those which violate the TOS and EULA for World of Warcraft itself. It may also, at some future point, become required to have mods such as CTRaidAssist, should the Raid/Instance officer deem them necessary.


Inactivity Policy

Removal due to inactivity.

If you join and are an active member for a period of time prior to going inactive, 2 months time will be allowed to pass, then attempts (PM, in game Mail, etc) will be made to contact you. After a third month without any communication, you will be dropped from the guild.

If there is little or no activity from you as a member after you join, prior to the period of inactivity, then 2 months will be allowed to pass, and then you will be dropped from the guild. No notification will be given.

Exception: If you let an officer know before hand (or shortly after the start of the inactive period) what is going on, then extensions will be offered on a case by case basis.


Dispute Policy

RP disputes should, one would hope, be handled through RP means. This section is principally concerned with disputes of an OOC nature. Tempers flare, feelings get hurt, and so forth, it is our nature as humans to react to things. It is expected of all members of Ishnu Por Ah that they can conduct themselves with courtesy and maturity.

Please try to resolve disputes after tempers have cooled; it is strongly preferable for people involved to take care of things on their own, and it is expected that this will be the case in the grand majority of situations. If anyone wants an objective view, please feel free to call upon the services of an Officer to help peaceably resolve things. If need be, matters can be brought to the attention of the guild leaders.

It is also important that discretion be used in these situations. There is no need to flame or publicly lambaste one another over these sorts of problems. That sort of behavior not only causes additional, unnecessary drama, but it also reflects rather poorly upon the guild as a whole.


Reasons for Expulsion

As of this writing, the only 'official' reason for expulsion from the guild is due to a violation of the inactivity policy. All other possible matters for expulsion, IC or OOC, will be handled on a case by case basis by the officers of the guild.


Final Words

Guild Leaders have final say in all guild matters. All attempts will be made to adhere to the Guild Charter, but this is a document written in spirit, rather than law. People violating the spirit of the family are subject to whatever final decision the Guild Leaders deem appropriate.


Special Thanks

Special thanks go to Red Earth, Keeya, Geryon, Gohir, Avaryne and everyone else who contributed to this document. -Feren