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July 27, 2005

Change is in the air


Many, many things were discussed at the guild meeting last night, our first in several months. Red Earth is going to be posting a summation of things, I think, in the forum when she has a moment to do so, but there are a few changes which should be noted right away.

In my stead (heck, even in my presence), leadership now falls on the shoulders of four folks: Red Earth, Qoz, Urguriak, and Neris.

Also, I have granted permission to both Red and Urg to update this front page. Should Qoz or Neris want it, they just need to ask (I shouldn't have any problems setting it up so they can). Hopefully that will prompt some more activity here.

I URGE folks to use the forum more frequently, even if it's just silly crap to let us know you're still around. We clearly had (have?) a problem with communication, and with all the resources we have at hand to talk to one another, there's really no reason for it, in my opinion.

There will be an IC post regarding the changes in the guild from me as well, as well as a shuffling of ranks, and what they are allowed to do and suchlike.

Posted by Feren on July 27, 2005 12:36 PM