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June 08, 2005


Seeing as so many of are scattered to the four winds right now, I have decided to go ahead with certain changes without seeking a vote from you all. If you have a problem with this, speak here, or seek me out in Moonglade where I shall be staying until such time as I am ready to return.

Jodar, Ruferduf and Ceridwyn have all been promoted to the rank of Kin. They have been family to us long enough, and have earned the rights which their titles grant them.

Also, long overdue, Neris, Roshuatah, Urguriak, Merimu, Xenarr, and Nirani have been granted the title of Fellows.

Lastly, Redearth has been welcomed into the arms of Ishnu Por Ah, and seeing as how many of us have known her, for so long, I have opted to grant her the title of Fellow immediately.

As far as guild meetings are concerned, it is evident that gathering all of us together is a massive feat in and of itself, so I have decided that from now on, until such time that otherwise is needed, we will no longer have formal meetings once a month. I would like to meet informally once a month, as many of us as possible, to discuss the events of the world around us. As we are all in such constant communication, the need for all of us present is somewhat lessened. Less frequently, I will be arranging for a more formal gathering, at which I would like all (or as many as is possible) to attend. Likely, I will hold these meetings for matters of greater importance, ceremonies, holidays, and the like. Ample warning will be provided for these meetings.

If there are any more individuals whom any of you would see be with us, those with the title of Kin or Brethren may invite them, with the only formality being that either the person sponsoring them (so to speak) introduce them here, as well as bringing the individual in question here.

On the matters of the plague, we shall discuss them as they arise and we are available to do so, Qoz, I trust you are still well informed on these matters?

Lastly, the matter of a more formal alliance with Kul'Thran's clan, the Silver Serpents, has my utter approval, but I will put it to a vote here for the rest of you to decide upon.

Posted by Feren on June 8, 2005 12:13 PM