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March 02, 2005

Long In Character posts, forum activity, and what not...

First off, I posted that long, LONG post IC for Feren regarding his change recently. Go have a look-see.

I'm glad to see we have a few members, but I'm kind of sad that none of them seem to have stopped by. Is the registration link not working perhaps? (I see no pending accounts, no emails). Maybe it's too hard to spot? I dunno.

I'd LOVE to see more activity on our forums. Last night Getharn said that we should probably have a guild meeting soon, and I wholly agree, but planning something like that, is much less hassle (IMO) to do through this site, than through game. People don't always notice the MOTD (if at all, frankly). While I COULD mail everyone details for the meeting, the mail system in game makes that painfully tedious. So come on folks, get everyone over here, and get posting. *coughKoggcough*

I'm tentatively thinking of having the guild meeting either next Tuesday (March 8th) or the one following it (March 15th). I have family and friends coming into town from overseas and so from March 22nd through April 2nd it'll be hit or miss whether I can even hop on more than a few minutes here or there. Let me know what you folks think.

Posted by Feren on March 2, 2005 09:52 AM