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March 29, 2005

Minor tweak to Avatars

I bumped up the size limits on the avatars. You can now have a picture of up to 90 pixels wide, and 120 pixels tall and 15k in size for your avatar. Enjoy!

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March 24, 2005

Character backgrounds, adventures, et al

I'm sure folks have seen the teeny posts I keep slapping up of in character stuff. Part of that is being SERIOUSLY bored at work with my laptop in tow, gives me time to let my brain wander. Then I start editing, and next thing I know, I've got a big ol brick of text. For the most part, people seem to like them (either that, or my self delusions have gotten REALLY good lately). I've seen a few others posting too, which is fantastic. The more I get to know about how your characters tick in your mind, the easier, I think, it is for me to interact with them.

Looking over the boards though, I'd love to see more, from more people, and I got to wondering... Are people maybe not posting because they are worried about being judged? Or perhaps they just can't quite cobble their ideas into a string that makes sense or that they like? Maybe they just don't dig on writing, and as a result, tend to turn out things which may need retouching.

So here's what I'm offering to do. If you want to post something, but are unsure of your writing, or just stuck, fire me an email with your thoughts, a rough draft maybe, whatever and I'll be happy to see what I can help you work up. I've already helped Darba edit her longer IC posts, hopefully for the better. I'd be happy to do the same for other folks too. So let me know, maybe we can see some more activity on yonder board, and get to know people better.

(my email info and such is on my profile on the forum, by the by)

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March 22, 2005

New Patch Released

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that the new patch has been released. It's a whopper too, 60 megs, so get cracking kids, download that bad boy, and brace for the storm of 'issues' it's sure to bring up.

Me, I'm just glad that most of the stuff I use UI mods for is now included in the UI itself, mwahaha!

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March 20, 2005

New Profile Fields

Finally got around to adding those new profile fields (yay!). Wasn't as hard as I was expecting, which is good. Was a little tricky, but they're working just fine now. I ask that everyone please click on profile from the main forum page and fill out as much info as possible. At the very least, fill out the character info (Race, Class, etc). I would be great if folks could keep that stuff up to date too, so if you switch professions, or level, just hop in there and update when you get a chance. I thought about listing levels in blocks of 5 (such as 1-5, 6-10, etc), rather than one level at a time, but I felt this was a better way to go about it. Let me know what you folks think. Are there any other bits of info you feel should be listed on people's profiles? Drop me a note with those suggestions too.

Since I added the new fields, I also changed the layout of the view profile page (what you get when you click on someone's name) to group things a little better. It will now also list Race, Class, and Level under your avatar on posts, for handy reference. Woot!

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March 16, 2005

Site adjustments

Nothing major, not really anyhow. I tweaked the member list page to show people's avatars on the list, as well as removing a few things we really did not need to see. Speaking of Avatars, on post pages, if you do no have an Avatar selected, you get the crying peon, as soon as you select one of your own (preferably one you made of a screenshot of yourself), the peon will go away. If you need help making an avatar for yourself, or want me to do it for you, let me know. I will either need a screenshot of you, or will have to see you in game and take a picture. Also on the member list page, the number of posts a person has is now a clickable link that will take you to a page with all those posts on it. Handy if you are trying to find a post by a particular person.

I will be tweaking the profile section soon (it's VERY tedious, because of how data is handled on the back-end) to add a few fields, and possibly remove some. I am planning on adding Race, Class, Level, and Profession fields. I think it would be handy info to have around so folks could check who does what. I will post an announcement when that goes live.

Another thing implemented today are ranks on the site. They correspond with the ranks in the guild in game, all save 'Friend', which is specifically for people NOT in the guild (yet?) that have joined us here.

Lastly, I really want to get the rest of the guild on here, I think it would be nice to have a little more activity here. That is part of the reason I added the Friend rank. I want other people we may talk to regularly in game to feel free to come here and chat away should they wish to do so.

As usual, any questions or comments, drop one here, or head to the forum.

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A Small meeting of Brethren

The guild meeting went off last night with little fanfare and, frankly, little attendance. Darba, Getharn, Jaylia, and myself were all there to deal with the few official matters on hand. A few folks have been raised to the rank of Fellow, with unanimous approval. Congratulations Jodar and Ruferduf!

I was a little disappointed that more of you were not able to attend, but I am certain that whatever matters kept you away were surely important ones. I am going to tentatively call for the next meeting to be either Monday April 25th or Tuesday April 26th. Hopefully with this much notice before the fact, we can get a few more people to show up.

It was also a pleasure last night to meet Ceridwyn, I hope to see her again in the company of our fellows.

Until next I see you, may the Earth Mother protect you all.


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March 14, 2005

A gathering of fellows and brethren...

Tuesday, March 15th, around 7:30 pm we will have our first guild meeting. Attendance is not mandatory, but it is VERY much appreciated. I would like to see as many of you there as possible. If you cannot be there, try to send me a letter and let me know of any concerns you might have.

May the Earth Mother watch over you all until then.

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March 02, 2005

Long In Character posts, forum activity, and what not...

First off, I posted that long, LONG post IC for Feren regarding his change recently. Go have a look-see.

I'm glad to see we have a few members, but I'm kind of sad that none of them seem to have stopped by. Is the registration link not working perhaps? (I see no pending accounts, no emails). Maybe it's too hard to spot? I dunno.

I'd LOVE to see more activity on our forums. Last night Getharn said that we should probably have a guild meeting soon, and I wholly agree, but planning something like that, is much less hassle (IMO) to do through this site, than through game. People don't always notice the MOTD (if at all, frankly). While I COULD mail everyone details for the meeting, the mail system in game makes that painfully tedious. So come on folks, get everyone over here, and get posting. *coughKoggcough*

I'm tentatively thinking of having the guild meeting either next Tuesday (March 8th) or the one following it (March 15th). I have family and friends coming into town from overseas and so from March 22nd through April 2nd it'll be hit or miss whether I can even hop on more than a few minutes here or there. Let me know what you folks think.

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