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March 16, 2005

A Small meeting of Brethren

The guild meeting went off last night with little fanfare and, frankly, little attendance. Darba, Getharn, Jaylia, and myself were all there to deal with the few official matters on hand. A few folks have been raised to the rank of Fellow, with unanimous approval. Congratulations Jodar and Ruferduf!

I was a little disappointed that more of you were not able to attend, but I am certain that whatever matters kept you away were surely important ones. I am going to tentatively call for the next meeting to be either Monday April 25th or Tuesday April 26th. Hopefully with this much notice before the fact, we can get a few more people to show up.

It was also a pleasure last night to meet Ceridwyn, I hope to see her again in the company of our fellows.

Until next I see you, may the Earth Mother protect you all.


Posted by Feren on March 16, 2005 08:54 AM