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February 14, 2005

Uploading multiple photos...

I found a mod for the new gallery system that was supposed to allow users to upload multiple pictures, by way of uploading a zip file with the pictures in them, and the server dealing with it. Unfortunately, after 3-4 days of tweaking, testing, and more tweaking, it still does not work properly (read: at all). *sigh*

Unfortunately, the developer of the mod has stopped working on it until the next update of the forum software comes out, which means getting this to work, without me learning a couple of programming languages, isn't going to happen all that soon. Sorry. I know that at least one person, Getharn, has several photos to upload, but at this time, the only way to do so is one at a time. The old Gallery will be going offline in a few days here, so if you need anything from in there, grab it quick, once it's down, it's going to be deleted from the server.

Posted by Feren on February 14, 2005 09:05 AM