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February 25, 2005

Under Development Page FINALLY Updated

I'm sure you've all already seen this, but in case you have not, go HERE to see what they've got coming up in the next patch. Highlights (IMO) include:

  • Chat bubbles!! Silly, yes, but it's one of the things I thought was kinda neat about CoH's chat system. It could get annoying, in high population areas, sure, but I'd wager they have a way to turn it off.
  • More Action bars (4 more, in fact). Looks like the devs have been watching Cosmos and other UI mods. Cosmos in particular, since they added a Quest Tracker (oddly similar to the Quest Minion in Cosmos).
  • My Personal favorite: Warrior - Rage will now generate when attacks are parried, dodged and blocked. Finally I'll get rage when I'm just being beat on in an instance. I often can't land a hit to save my life (that happens when I attack things 4-8 levels above me, go fig). At least now I'll generate some rage and be able to DO something about it.

Posted by Feren on February 25, 2005 09:24 AM