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February 18, 2005

Site changes and updates

Depending on how often you hit the site through the day, you probably saw some really strange things going on yesterday. I was doing quite a bit of work on the back end, enough so that I 'broke' the site at one point, and had to rewrite the entire script for the front page (not terribly amusing). Anyhow, a few changes, some bigger than others...

On the home page itself, I've rearranged the sidebar stuff to have a better flow, I feel. I have also decided to ditch the links to the IC and OOC forums, since I've rearranged those pretty extensively. So now, it's just one Forum link to the right, again. I moved the search function to the bottom, really it doesn't have a whole hell of a lot of use (since it only searches entries, not the forum, or any other pages I may create). I also edited the script for the main page to list the category that each entry is in as well as link to the archive for the category of the entry. Before, there was no way to tell what sort of entry you were reading (without jumping through a few hoops anyway). Now it lists the category in the by-line at the bottom of each entry. That should help keep the IC and OOC stuff straight (and keep people from thinking I'm more of a nutter than I really am). Today I'll be re-coding the Guild Roster page some. I don't like it's current layout, it bothers me something incredible. Yes, I am that anal-retentive sometimes. I have also lowered the number of previous posts to display on the main page. It was set to display the past 10, now it's set to display the past 7, it doesn't affect bandwidth a lot, but every little bit helps (yes, I'm also paranoid). If I get around to it, I also plan on shuffling around the sidebar a little more, as well as adding it to the archive pages eventually. We'll see how much I get done today (I'm at work, after all).(done!)

The forum has also gone through quite a dramatic shuffle, which is why there is just one link. I've completely split the IC and OOC forums apart into separate categories, and have added several more forums. This is as much for future planning as anything else. The way I had it setup originally, didn't allow for growth all that well, and would eventually lead to a total cluster fuck of information. This way looks a little (okay, a lot) sparse, since there are not many of us active here, nor are there a lot of posts, but down the line, it will pay off. Each forum has a description of its function, and the ones that I would like people to follow specific guidelines on posting, should have a post in them stating just that.

Any questions, shoot me a line, comment here, or babble on in the forum.

Posted by Feren on February 18, 2005 09:44 AM