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February 10, 2005

Gallery Changes

I've update the way the site will deal with the Gallery. The old gallery is still up, for now, so if you don't have those pictures backed up someplace, grab 'em quick. I'm going to be deleting that thing in, say, a week or so (unless I see all the pictures there moved sooner).

There are a few differences between the old and the new. The new one is tied to the Forum, so I don't need to create separate accounts for you; once you have registered for the forum, you're all set to go. Also, the new one automatically sets up a personal gallery for you (nice).

It doesn't have quite as many bells and whistles as the old gallery, as far as image manipulation goes (it can't resize images for you, for example. It's thumbnail creation ability is a little dodgy too. It makes them fine, but a few of the ones I've seen have wonky colors, or other weirdness about them. Frankly, I'm willing to trade the functionality for the ease of use and integration into the rest of the site.

UPDATE: I've tweaked the addon a bit, and dug for more info on my server. The thumbnails now look MUCH better than before. RTFM folks, rtfm *sigh*.

The Publicly listed galleries (just one at this time) are open to any registered users. There is a limit of 50 pictures per user in any one category (album) in the public galleries. In your personal album, there is a 100 picture limit. The pictures must be 128,000 bytes (125k) or smaller, and no greater than 1280 pixels wide and 1024 pixels high (if you have a rotated image that's 1024 x 1280 it won't work).

These limits were set to that we don't kill my allotted space, or monthly bandwidth allowance. I'll keep an eye on both and see what things look like as more pictures are added and more of the guild members come to the site. If it doesn't look terrible, I'll revise the limits.

I've also tweaked the design of the Forum a little to make getting back and forth from this home page and there a little simpler. Just click the big 'ol 'Wow.TableTopless.com' up at the top to get back to this main page.

If anyone has any suggestions regarding the new Gallery system, the forum, or anything else, let me know here, or in the forum.

Posted by Feren on February 10, 2005 10:12 AM


Well, Feren, I have many pictures up in the old gallery and the new one seems to only post one picture at a time... Is there a way to post multiple pictures at once? Seeing as I have 48 pictures up now, it is going to be a pain to move them all one at a time...

Posted by: Getharn on February 10, 2005 09:27 PM

Also, were the bandwidth problems and such caused by me linking pictures in the CC Realm boards?

Posted by: Getharn on February 10, 2005 09:28 PM

I honestly hadn't seen any yet, but it could easily lead to them. I've actually disabled the ability to hotlink images in the albums as well (sorry). That's the fastest way to suck up huge loads of bandwidth, since it comes from other (often more popular) sites loading them up, rather than just the local traffic.

Since this site is something I pay for out of pocket personally, I never really ponied up cash for a HUGE load of bandwidth per month (850 mb of space, or so), so I need to keep an eye on it.

Posted by: Feren on February 11, 2005 12:52 PM