Even for those who prefer to travel alone and at great distance. It is always good to know there is a home to come back to once in awhile. Where familiar faces and voices are there to welcome you and hear your tales. Everyone needs a tribe, a family. Those who share a common bond and understanding. People who you know will be there to help you through times both good and bad.

Ishnu Por Ah is a family. A small group bonded by their will to understand and protect the Earthmother, the Balance and the ways of her people. We strive for peace among all, but are not afraid to use force to protect the People and our beliefs. Though the Earthmother turned her eyes away in sorrow when some turned to the whispers of the Dark, she never stopped listening and gave those true to her the gifts of the Hunt to beat back the creatures in the shadow.

Like the moon, a family waxes and wanes with time as members come and go. But the moon is always there even when it cannot be seen. Ishnu Por Ah has always been there, despite its small size. But it has been a little too small for a long time. It is time to grow just a little, so we may flourish and shine a little more brightly. So that we can insure that there are those who are willing to preserve her understandings and fight for the Earthmother.

May She guide you all

Red Earth of the Blackhide